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Hollow Metal Doors

At Door King, we understand the need for flawless Hollow Metal Doors. Whether it's a small or large job, we'll be able to get the work done efficiently without sacrificing quality. Our team is well-trained, works thoroughly, and has the expertise needed to succeed where a lesser Hollow Metal Doors company may have failed.

Based in La Habra, California and servicing the local community as well as beyond, Door King knows that fair and accurate pricing is the only way to go. Our clients trust us to do the job well, charge an honest price, and be consistent every time we show up to your door.

Instead of choosing a fly-by-night, discount Hollow Metal Doors provider, choose La Habra's time-proven winner – Door King. Call us today at 562-665-8026.

Don't Let Door Problems Go Unsolved. Dial 562-665-8026 and We'll Get it Fixed!

Available for all types of door repairs and maintenance, Door King is your local choice.


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